Book cover of Benji’s Berry Berry Pie.  It shows that it took Third Place for Children’s book in the Diversity & Multicultural Category for The Bookfest Award 2023.

Benji’s Berry Berry Pie- The Bookfest Award Winner 2023

Benji’s Berry Berry Pie- The Bookfest Award Winner 2023

So I have this weird dichotomy between wanting to be recognized for my work but being shy to publicly talk about my work.  Which really limits as it’s not being shared and exposed to as many ppl as it could possible be.  So I decided to shoot my shot and I submitted by book for two awards.  I skimmed over the rules- apologies to any lawyers I keep on retainer, I’ll let you handle the fine print in the future lol.  I will share the details of one of them since the winners have been announced.

And one of those winners is me!!!!  Benji’s Berry Berry Pie took home Third Place for Children’s book in the Diversity & Multicultural category in the The Bookfest Awards Spring 2023.  To step back a little, I found out about this award when I was scrolling Facebook, yes I’m going to keep calling it that and I still have it so I can keep in touch with the grown folks in my life.  I’m still not familiar with all the awards that are available to Authors let alone those designed for Indie Authors.  I was happy to find out that my book still qualified so figured this is a good start to understand requirements when applying for awards and encourage me to research others.  The form was fairly straightforward as it asked for a book summary, book details, book cover image and I submitted a couple copies of my book to be reviewed by judges which aren’t resold but donated.

The BookFest honors authors who create outstanding works of fiction and nonfiction. The BookFest's dedication to honoring authors is rooted in a belief in the transformative power of literature and a desire to support and celebrate those who create it.

Desireé Duffy, Founder of The BookFest, says, “It is important to recognize authors for the role they play in creating and sharing stories that entertain, educate, and inspire readers. Books transport us to new worlds, broaden perspectives, and foster empathy. As the Founder of The BookFest, I believe that by saluting authors and their literary achievements we elevate the importance of literature in our society.”

I’m thrilled to be recognized by this organization and enjoyed seeing the other works that I’ll be adding to my TBR.  It was a great way to find other Indie Authors and connect with them.  Now let me stop procrastinating and order my award and stickers before the deadline!  Another reminder for me that sometimes moving in silence only hurts yourself so let me know what you’re shooting your shot?